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5 Best Copywriting Tools for Freelancers | Social Kreator

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Are you looking for the best copywriting tools to help you with your efforts to create content for digital marketing?

One of the routine tasks that digital marketers perform on a regular basis is writing copy.

Marketers use persuasive writing in a variety of formats, from developing text and display ad copy to writing blog posts as part of a content marketing campaign, to drive conversions and guarantee the success of their campaigns.

Writing copy may be one of your biggest challenges if you’re not a professional copywriter.

Fortunately, there are many copywriting tools available that can support your creative writing process, help you find inspiration for your ad copy, and validate the advertising copy you produce.

I’ve prepared a list of the best copywriting tools to get you started that we use to facilitate the writing process and generate high-quality ad copy that increases conversions.


Copywriting can be challenging, and we’re all guilty of using clichés occasionally.

And while that’s alright, you can actually use a tool to assist you in doing that.

To help you eliminate and rephrase them, Cliché Finder will highlight overused and tired expressions in your writing.

Simply copy and paste your text, then click the button below. You only need to be aware of their 10,000 character restriction.


Copywriting Examples is similar to your master swipe file; it contains a vast variety of copywriting examples that you can use in your work.

But it goes further than that. To learn why each carefully chosen example works so well, hover your mouse pointer over it. In this manner, you can both get inspired and learn at the same time.


The SMOG index, the Gunning Fog score, and the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score.

These three are intended to aid in determining how simple or difficult a piece of writing is to read. These three criteria are precisely what The Writer’s free online readability checker uses to determine how readable your text is.

You can see the outcomes by pasting your writing, creating an account, or simply entering your email address if you already have one.

Please note that this tool does not check for spelling errors, so you are responsible for doing so.

The staff at The Writer also points out that these scores don’t reveal everything and advises using them sparingly.


One of the top free headline analyzer tools we’ve come across online is provided by Sharethrough.

It provides simple instructions for improvement and is quick and simple to utilize.

A headline quality score will also be given to you based on an algorithm that takes into consideration over 300 different factors to assess how well your title engages readers.

For more than 20 years, Verbix has been a resource for authors, offering its services without charge to encourage pupils to pick up new tongues.

No matter what language you use, this tool will assist you in verb conjugation so that your writing is always accurate.

Numerous languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese are among those offered.


Thank you for looking at our list of the 5 best copywriting tools for freelancers.

These copywriting tools are helping you in expanding your creativity and achieving your business goals, whether you’re a digital marketer or a time-constrained copywriter.

The best part about them is that they produce organic, compelling writing to suit your content needs while being simple to learn and enjoyable to use.

Since each copywriting tool differs somewhat from the others, it is advised to try out a few free trials first before making a purchase.

By doing so, you’ll get a feel for how the tools operate and learn which one supports your business strategy the best.

About Post Author

Pooja Prajapati

Pooja is a freelance content writer and social media strategist from India with more than 3 years of experience in writing. Reach out to her at
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