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7 Best Tips to Improve Your Time Management Skills

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Have you ever wondered how people around you seem to have it all together when you look around?

How do they accomplish so much? They probably have time management down pat.

A skill that so many adults struggle with daily is time management skills. But the fact that it is a skill is what most people miss.

It is a skill that you acquire and refines over time. It is not a quality of character or skill.

Realizing that all it entails is learning something new makes developing this skill much less intimidating.

These seven simple suggestions will assist you in forming a time management routine.

1. Make a time audit

Time audits are a really straightforward but powerful tool. Write down how long you anticipate it will take you to complete each task on your to-do list for the day.

Make a note of how long the tasks actually took as you go about your day after that. Compare the two figures once the day is over.

Your estimates will frequently be a little bit off. It will take much longer to complete some tasks than you anticipated while overestimating others.

You’ll come pretty close to some things, but not everything. This can be a useful exercise even if your estimates are fairly accurate.

When making your schedule in the future, having an understanding of how long tasks typically take to complete will be very beneficial.

2. Set long-term and immediate objectives

You need to first identify your long-term and short-term goals in order to create a realistic and useful schedule.

What are you trying to accomplish? Small and large. Put them all in writing.

Your daily activities should in some way help you achieve these objectives. You will construct the majority of your schedule around these objectives.

3. Prioritize your tasks

Setting priorities is one of the most crucial things to do. You must be aware of the tasks that are most crucial and urgent. You ought to put more effort into completing those tasks.

You might unintentionally waste time on less urgent tasks if you don’t know which tasks are the most crucial.

4. Make it realistic

It’s beneficial to have goals and aspirations! However, you must somewhat ground those in reality in order to transform them into goals.

Because you are only human, make sure that your objectives can be accomplished given the available time and resources.

5. Make a schedule

You need to make a schedule once you have set realistic goals and understand which tasks or projects are most crucial. Having several different schedules is a good idea.

Start with a longer-term schedule, such as a monthly schedule. Then, if you like, you can divide it up into weeks.

You will also need to make daily schedules or to-do lists, but more so than that. A long-term schedule that is zoomed out gives you direction and clarifies what to concentrate on each day.

To arrange these, use whatever method you like. Among the options are:

  • Organizing apps
  • Planners
  • Calendars
  • Sticky notes
  • Notes app

6. Take advantage of downtime

We wait around quite a bit. waiting for a train or our Starbucks coffee.

Check your emails and other simple tasks during that downtime. By the end of the day, those few brief periods of time will add up.

7. Disable distracting apps

There are apps available if you have trouble putting your phone down.

With the help of apps like Freedom, your apps will lock for the duration of the times you specify and become inaccessible.

You no longer have to procrastinate by scrolling through doomsday scenarios.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to learn how to manage your time better; all it takes is some discipline. You’ll be able to increase your productivity by using these suggestions!

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Pooja Prajapati

Pooja is a freelance content writer and social media strategist from India with more than 3 years of experience in writing. Reach out to her at
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