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Best Ways to Improve Your Pinterest With Analytics – Social Kreator

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Pinterest is a fantastic platform for showcasing your concepts, originality, business, and goods.

You can share your profile and content with Pinterest’s 454 million active monthly users by gaining repins and followers.

Though not all accounts succeed on Pinterest, you might need to plan your strategy.

You can find out more about how your audience interacts with your content by looking closely at your Pinterest Analytics.

You can advance with the help of this information and your profile. Here is a guide on how to use Analytics to grow your Pinterest following.

Understand your competition

Knowing what other users your target audience is interested in is crucial if you’re a brand or influencer.

These users could be direct rivals of yours or simply brands that occupy space on your target audience’s timeline.

Under the “Your Audiences” dashboard of Pinterest Analytics, you can find a list of the brands that your audience interacts with.

Even though there may not only be your direct rivals on this list, you are still vying for their attention.

Make sure they are viewing your content and not someone else’s if they are only using Pinterest occasionally.

Put the device first

The kind of devices your audience uses to access your account is a further crucial point to consider. You can use this to create content in the future that is more effective.

Go to the “Your Audience” section of your Pinterest Analytics. By clicking “Your followers,” you can filter the content here. This provides information about a more narrowly focused group.

The choice to segment your data by app or device is available. You can determine which screen your audience is using to view your profile by segmenting your data according to the device.

Examine Repins

Your posts may be shared on various Pinterest Boards through repins. Re-pins are valuable because they demonstrate that your audience enjoyed and found your content useful in some way.

It can also help you learn more about the kinds of content that appeal to your audience.

Go to your “Interests” tab under “Your Audience.” You can then scroll down to the section for your interests. The Pinterest Boards to which your content has been added are displayed here. You can learn how users interact with your content by doing this.

You can find inspiration from other interesting posts by browsing through some users’ Pinterest boards. To help boost engagement, you can also modify your content to better suit the boards that they are posting.

Review popular posts

Always remember to draw lessons from your successes. You can attempt to improve your future content by taking a look at your Top Pins.

Go to your Pinterest Profile dashboard to find your most popular posts. This information is categorised as “Power Pins.”

Try to identify any trends in these posts. Does it seem like your audience prefers a particular subject or kind of content over others?

In order to have even more popular posts, try incorporating these themes into your upcoming posts.


Utilizing Pinterest Analytics can help you learn more about your account. You can create better content if you have a better understanding of your audience. You’ll be able to increase your success on Pinterest as a result, and your account will develop.

So why are you still waiting? Check out your Pinterest Analytics right now!

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Pooja Prajapati

Pooja is a freelance content writer and social media strategist from India with more than 3 years of experience in writing. Reach out to her at
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